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About De Sales Academy

Best Foreign Language Institute in Aluva, Kerala

De Sales Academy for Talent Assistance (DATA), the Best foreign language institute in Kochi, Kerala, is an undertaking of the Missionaries of St. Francis De Sales (MSFS) and belongs to the SFS group of educational institutions. With a distinguished history of 180 years, it runs over 200 reputed institutions of excellence in the field of education all over the world. Desales provides Foreign language Coaching and Competitive Exam Coaching. In foreign languages, we cover German, IELTS, OET, and Communicative English (Spoken English). In the Competitive Exam, we cover Civil Service, NET, CA Foundation, and Finishing School. DATA focuses on the career development of the candidates to equip them with the necessary skills to acquire jobs in terms of their aptitude and competence both in INDIA and Abroad.  Our Uniqueness Consists in Uncompromising Quality in Training. Without any doubt, we can proudly say that Desales Academy is the best Foreign Language Institute in Kochi, Kerala.

Regarding De Sales Academy

Established under the blessings of the Missionaries of St. Francis De Sales (MSFS) and under the prestigious SFS group of educational institutions, De Sales Academy for Talent Assistance ( DATA) is the first foreign language institute in Kochi, Kerala. Having a rich 180-year tradition and a worldwide network of more than 200 universities, our goal is to offer first-rate language instruction and competitive exam coaching. Focusing in German, IELTS, OET, and Communicative English, our courses appeal to local as well as international job interests. De Sales Academy is now leading in language competency and academic excellence in Kerala because of our dedication to uncompromising quality in teaching.

Academic Programmes


German is spoken by more than 120 million people in Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Switzerland and in parts...

15 May & 19 June 2024


A2 Level German Language Classes are offered for students who wish to have a better understanding of the German...

15 May 2024


The B1 Level German Language Classes are offered for students who wish to use the language proficiently...

15 May 2024


B2 Level German Language Course is offered for students who wish to have an advanced understanding of the language...


Desales Academy offers very intensive B2 Goethe Exam Preparation course for German language...


Italian is spoken by over sixty million people in Italy and other countries in Europe such as Malta, San Marino and parts..


De sales Academy for Talent Assistance (DATA) is an IELTS Training Institute in Aluva, We cater to students in need...


De Sales Academy, first evaluates the weak areas of candidates before commencement of actual classes...


De Sales Academy for Talent Assistance trains young individuals who exhibit enough potential and a deep-rooted...

Our Programs

German Language Training

De Sales Academy provides a complete German language programme spanning all competency levels since it is the top German training institution in Kerala. Whether your level of learning is advanced or novice, these courses are meant to improve your reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Our dynamic sessions and immersive teaching strategies guarantee that you will learn German fluency and depth.

Italian Language Training

De Sales Academy takes great satisfaction in becoming the top Italian language school in Kerala. Our Italian language classes are designed to offer a rich and interesting educational process. From grammar and vocabulary to conversational skills, our programme addresses all facets of the Italian language, so empowering you to express boldly and successfully.

IELTS Coaching

Renowned as the best IELTS coaching institution in Aluva, Kerala, De Sales Academy provides specific instruction to enable you to reach the intended band score. Listening, reading, writing, and speaking comprise our four IELTS sections. Experience trainers, lots of practice resources, and tailored comments help us to make sure you are ready to shine on the IELTS test.

OET Coaching

For healthcare professionals aiming to work or study abroad, our OET training is the best in Kochi. Our Occupational English Test (OET) instruction centres on the particular language competencies needed in medical settings. Including practice exams and tailored advice, our extensive training programme helps you satisfy the language requirements of the healthcare industry and get good marks.

Communicative English Training

Improve your English communication skills at the best communicative English training center in Aluva. Our courses in communicative English are meant to improve your confidence, accuracy, and fluency in both personal and business contacts. Practical exercises, real-life situations, and professional advice will help you to become a master in good communication.

NET Coaching

With De Sales Academy, the top NET coaching institute in Aluva, get ready for the National Eligibility Test (NET). Our NET coaching programme provides in-depth knowledge, strategic insights, and lots of practice to enable your success. Our experienced instructors and thorough study guides provide you the resources and confidence you need to shine on the NET test.

We live in a time of fast phased changes and challenges. Every challenge is a reminder for us to adapt to new changes and every change presents before us new challenges. De Sales Academy for Talent Assistance at Aluva, Kerala, aims at providing quality training in foreign languages as well as professional development programmes to enable one to adapt to new changes and challenges to upskill oneself to be successful professionally and personally. The institute offers a unique student experience that is supportive, memorable and rewarding. At De Sales, we are committed to quality training, identifying the strength and weakness of each student, to provide customized classes which would enable them to be efficient and effective. We strive to deliver high-quality learning opportunities, resources and support services that enhance personal and academic success for every learner. De Sales Academy for Talent Assistance (DATA) provides a positive and vibrant campus culture that allows the students to immerse themselves in intensive learning. Highly qualified and experienced teaching faculty provides students with best learning experiences in classrooms. Students are presented with top-class opportunities inside and outside the classrooms to make learning fun-filled, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and useful. De Sales would love to welcome you to its campus. Our dedicated team of academic and support staff is waiting in the wings to help you achieve your academic aspirations.

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Unique Features and Benefits

At De Sales Academy, we offer several unique features that distinguish us from other institutes:

Personalized Training: Our classes are designed to fit every student's particular requirements. Every student is different, hence our tailored approach guarantees that you will get the necessary focus and help to achieve.

Experienced Faculty: Our teachers are very qualified and have many years of experience in their particular disciplines. They guarantee that you get the greatest possible education by bringing to the classroom a great abundance .

Flexible Schedules: We provide courses at times that will meet your busy schedule. Our adaptable schedules help you easily achieve your goals in language learning and exam preparation regardless of your level of employment—full-time student or working professional.

Modern Facilities:Our modern classrooms and learning tools produce the best possible learning environment. To improve your educational process, we apply modern tools and technologies as well as teaching aids.

Supportive Environment: De Sales Academy encourages and supports a friendly learning environment. Our staff and instructors are always ready to offer direction and support; they are committed to enabling you to reach your objectives.

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Student Testimonials

At De Sales Academy, our commitment to excellence is reflected in the experiences of our valued clients. Here’s what some of them have to say about their journey with us:

I was a German student of De Sales Academy and I am really proud to be one I passed my 82 Goethe Exams while doing my B1 Plus studies at De Sales. I found the classes from A1 to 81 Plus very interesting...

Ajeesha A

I am Thanku Sara Kurian, a former student of De Sales Academy I have completed my German language from De Sales academy and I am always thankful to Fr. Jino Prof. Achyuta Menon Sr Anandi and all other faculties who taught me...

Thanku Sara Kurian

I am Sona Joby. I had successfully completed A1 to 82 level in De Sales. The faculties are so helpful that they literally supported me in all my ups and downs. They were like the best mentors..

Sona Joby

I can proudly say without any doubts, Desales Academy is the best German Language Institute in Kerala. Their teaching methods are unique and useful. To everyone hoping for success on this difficult test, I strongly suggest De Sales Academy.

Anjaly S

"For me, learning German at De Sales Academy was a transforming event. Carefully crafted, the course covers all facets of the language inclusively. Every session was interesting and successful from grammar to conversational practice. De Sales Academy has helped me to feel more confident in my German communication abilities, thereby allowing me to aggressively chase fresh prospects."

Sneha P

"One of the best moves I ever took for my profession was signing up for OET coaching at De Sales Academy. De Sales Academy's trainers are remarkably thorough and informed. They gave me high-quality study tools that mimicked the real test surroundings and rigorous practice sessions. Their direction and encouragement really helped me to get a good OET test mark. De Sales Academy has helped me to be quite ready for the demands of the healthcare industry. Thank you

Maria J

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