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German B2

German B2

B2 Level German Language Course is offered for students who wish to have an advanced understanding of the language.  B2 Level German Language Classes strengthen the understanding of the German Grammar as well as it helps to enhance knowledge of the complex German Vocabulary.  The German Language Course at B2 level is structured for four months to make one very proficient in the Language.  At De Sales Academy, B2 Level German Language Classes are taken by expert and experienced faculty members.  They accompany and guide the students all through the German Language Classes to guide and direct them to have the feel of the German Language.  Opportunities also are given at this level to interact with the native speakers to enhance the understanding and knowledge of the German Language.   B2 students are taught to understand the main contents of complex texts on concrete topics.  They are helped to understand discussions in their areas of specialization.  They are tested to see their ability to communicate spontaneously and fluently with native speakers.  The institute through its YouTube channel helps the students at this level, to learn the usage of important German Language Vocabulary.  After the course, students are enabled to express themselves on a wide range of topics in a clear and detailed manner.  In view of exam preparation on all Saturdays during the B2 German Language course the institute organizes mock exams.  The is an added attraction to the German Language Course offered by De Sales Academy.

German Language Course B2 Level

Frequently Asked Questions

German Course B2 Level can be attended by any student who has passed any certified examination of German B1 Level as well as by anyone who has a good understanding of the basics of German Language B1 level.  

The average course fee for German B1 Level is between Rs 40,000/-.  to Rs. 42,000/-.  De Sales Academy charges course fee inclusive of Books and Examination Preparation. 

Those who wish to study or work in German Speaking Countries

Those who want to study advanced level of German Language

Those who want to work as freelance German Teachers

Those who wish to work for MNCs as Language Experts

For those who want to work as German Language Translator or Interpreter

German B2 level Course is very helpful to improve the language proficiency.  One can also learn advanced and important vocabulary associated with the German Language.  During the B2 Level the students are also introduced to complex text in German.  The students are enabled to understand and analyse the complicated text. 

The duration of German Course B2 level offered by most institutes is 15 weeks.  De Sales Academy offers 16 weeks of Classes for German B2 Level Course to make the students to be very proficient with the language and interpretation of the text.  This is inclusive of the special examination training offered for the students to help them to attend B2 level Goethe Institute Examination. 

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